one in every bunch

colleges really are the least ‘diverse’ places in the world. come up with an unpopular opinion - even if you’re just questioning a popular idea - and it becomes a clamor to see who can make you out to be the devil first.

funny to see hundreds of people claiming that they are traumatized, crying themselves to sleep, afraid for their lives - all because one person put up a flier challenging them to come up with 5 benefits to diversity. well, not funny i guess, so much as pathetic.

this, folks, is the world we live in. these are the people that are expected to be the leaders of tomorrow. and they are lying on the ground, writhing in feigned pain because somebody questioned one of their tenets.

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    Leftist protests often have some masochistic element. Lying down in front of vehicles, chaining oneself to a tree,...
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